Online Degrees - How Much Does it Cost to Get a Degree Online?

By Helen Hecker

One of the first things that come to mind when thinking about getting an online degree is how much does it cost? You may be thinking about furthering your education to get a better job or to get a degree in a particular field, say, business, business administration, marketing, biology, nursing, education, psychology, accounting, interior design, engineering, computer science, paralegal, criminal justice, forensics or any of hundreds of others. Regardless of the field or career or job you're seeking you'll be able to find classes online that apply.

Classes in every field are offered through distance learning. And online degrees have become more and more acceptable now by employers. In a time when we're all trying to cut down on fuel costs, transportation costs and other expenses, earning an online degree is favored among many.

The cost of an online degree depends on many factors. The school you choose will have the biggest bearing. You want to check out your chosen school and make sure it's accredited. Big name colleges and universities of course are, but any school that is a small brick and mortar establishment or any school online should be checked out for accreditation through the U.S. Department of Education.

The bigger the reputation of the school for example, Harvard, Yale, Stanford etc., the more it will cost to take online courses. You can get a good education through a lesser known and or local school online and cost you significantly less and be just as readily accepted by employers.

But make sure that any classes or courses you take online or any program will be transferable to other colleges and universities in the future. This is important to check out before you sign up.

The cost of an online degree will depend on whether you're going for an associate degree, bachelor's, master's, mba, doctorate or other graduate degree.

If you're planning to take four years of online courses, it will cost you significantly less through distance learning than attending a four-year college or university on campus.

The cost of getting an online degree can be cut significantly with scholarships, grants and financial aid. It's not as commonly known that there is federal money available for online degrees. You can get financial aid fairly easy. You can apply for scholarships and grants and if you qualify will get all or part of your education free. It's well worth a try if you plan to take several or many courses. Many specialized areas of study have scholarships and grants, for example, in the field of science.

In any event you can save a lot of money getting your education by going to school online. The cost of an online degree can vary considerably and with a little research you may be surprised at how cheaply you can go to school or college online and in some cases even free.


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