Do Employers Know if you Got your Degree Online?

The number of people getting online degrees has increased dramatically over the last few years. Despite this there are still quite a few people who take a negative view of online learning. The result is that a lot of people who got their degrees online would like to keep this fact secret. This is particularly true when they are looking for a job, so will potential employers know if you got your degree online?

Basically this question comes down to the question of does an online degree actually say on it that it is an online degree? The answer of course is that this is going to depend on where you got your degree. Some schools that offer both traditional and online degrees will put a note on the online degree and on your transcripts saying that it was earned in this manner others won't. There are some schools that will make a note of it and also point out that the online degree is of the same standard as a traditional degree, the University of London External Program are well known for this.

Other schools will use a more subtle approach to differentiate their online degrees from their regular ones. Usually they give the online degree a different title, HarvardExtension School is a good example of this, rather than the Bachelor of Arts that regular students get extension school students get a Bachelor of Liberal Arts. The difference is subtle and many people won't realize that it is not a regular Harvard degree but most people in academia will.

Of course there are the schools that offer only online degrees, in these cases they rarely mention that the degree was earned online. How likely it is that potential employers will know is going to depend on how well known the school is. There are some online schools that advertise a great deal and are very widely known, in few cases do they have a good reputation, you can be sure that potential employers will know that a degree from one of these schools was earned online. There are however other online schools that few people have heard of, employers likely won't know how these degrees were earned.

If making sure that a potential employer does not know that you got an online degree is important to you it is probably best to not get one. In most cases they won't care and they won't ask anyway, in fact rarely are you even required to provide a copy of your degree or your transcripts when looking for a job. That being said if they do ask you about it don't lie, this will just lead to trouble down the road.

Can you get into a Graduate Program with an Online Bachelor's Degree?

These days most people find that they need additional education beyond a bachelor's degree. This can present a problem for people who got their degree online, many worry that they may not be able to get into a master's program with it. In most cases with an online bachelor's degree you should be able to get into an online master's without too much difficulty. The bigger question however is whether you can get into a traditional master's program with an online degree.

As with most things the answer to this is that it depends. To be sure there are some graduate programs that you can get into with some online bachelor's degrees, on the other hand there will be some cases where you are going to have no chance. It is therefore important to know what your options realistically are if you are intending to do an online degree.

If you want to get into a graduate program with an online bachelor's degree it is important that you make sure that you get a degree that is regionally accredited, without this you are likely going to have no chance. The other big thing is that if you can it is best to stay away from the for profit online only schools that advertise themselves relentlessly, everybody knows these schools and in these cases it is not a good thing.

Realistically if you have an online degree you are not going to be getting into a graduate program at Harvard, you are going to have to set your sites a little bit lower. It should be possible to get into a graduate program at your local state university for example as long as you have a legitimate online degree but for the highly competitive graduate programs you are going to have a tough time getting admitted.

One thing to keep in mind is that there seems to be a big difference in how acceptable online degrees are from one graduate program to another. In particular programs that do not require a specific degree seem to be more willing to accept online graduates. For example if you want to enrol in a MBA program you will find it much easier than enrolling in a math or history master's program as they usually require a bachelor's in those subjects. In general programs that require specific degrees for entry are less likely to accept online degrees.

One of the things that you can do that will greatly increase your chances of getting into a master's program with an online bachelor's degree is to get your bachelor's from a school that offers graduate degrees. This is why your local state university is such a good idea if you want to do an online degree. They of course offer a full range of master's degrees both the traditional type and online and they are almost always willing to allow their own graduates to enrol in them.

Can You Get an Online Engineering Degree?

There are quite a few schools that offer online engineering degrees however if you are not already an engineer they are going to be of very limited value. The main reason for this is that almost all of them are master’s degrees. In order to become an engineer you need to get a bachelors degree from an ABET accredited school, there are very few of these available by distance learning.

The only American school that offers an ABET accredited engineering program through distance learning is the University of NorthDakota. The program is very expensive so be prepared for that but it will allow you to meet the requirements to get licensed as an engineer. Other online engineering programs offered by US schools are not properly accredited and will not qualify you for an engineering license.

While UND may be the only American engineering program that qualifies you for a license there are a few other options. The first of these is to get your degree from a foreign school. There are a few schools in Britain and Australia that offer online engineering degrees that lead to licensing in those countries and should also qualify you in the US. If you are going to go down this road make sure that you are taking the degree from a school in a country  that is a signatory of the Washington Accord and that will get a license in that country.

There is one other option that may allow you to get an engineering license with an online degree. There are several ABET accredited engineering technology degrees available that you may be able to use. These degrees do not normally lead to an engineering license but with enough experience as a technologist and some additional education you may be able to qualify, you will need to check the requirements in your state however.

Getting the additional education once you have a technology degree should not present a problem as the one thing that there is no shortage of is online masters degrees in engineering. If you are already an engineer these can be useful both for moving up to higher levels of responsibility in your career and to meet the continuing education requirements that you need to make sure that you stay current with the latest techniques in your field.

In most cases you will be able to enter an online master’s degree program with an engineering technology degree and this may allow you to get licensed as an engineer although this is something that you will have to check out with the engineering society in your state. 

Is an Online MBA Useful?

There are probably more online MBA programs than any other type of degree. There are a couple of reasons for this, there is a huge demand for them and they make a lot of money for the schools. There are however serious questions about whether or not an online MBA is worth the time and money that you have to invest to get one.

There was a time when an MBA was a guaranteed ticket into management, those days are long gone. There are now so many people who have them that there is now intense competition for management jobs. The result is that more and more people are pursuing an MBA so that they can join the competitions. Many of these people are choosing to do theirs online which may not be the best option.

The problem with an online MBA is that in most cases they will not make you as competitive as the other applicants who have one. It is already very competitive for graduates with those from Ivy League schools for example being much more likely to get good jobs than those from state universities. In most cases people with an online MBA will be even less competitive than the state university graduates.

Does this mean that you should not get an online MBA? Well not necessarily. There are times when it does make sense to get one. For example if you are already employed in a job that is likely to lead to a management position and require the MBA to move up it may make sense as there will not be nearly as much competition.

It might also make sense to pursue an online MBA if that is the only option that you have. You may not be as competitive as graduates of traditional programs but you will obviously be more competitive than somebody who has no MBA at all. Just keep in mind if you are going to go this route you are going to have to bring more to the table than just your degree if you want to get a good job, relevant experience will be particularly useful.

One last thing to keep in mind about getting online MBA is to make sure that you not spend too much money to get one. There are programs that cost more than a Harvard MBA and lead to a degree that nobody takes seriously, this is a huge waste of money. Your best bet if you are going to pursue an online MBA is to get one through your local state university. Remember with an online degree the reputation of the school is not likely to help you so choose the one that gets you a degree for the least amount of cost, there is no value to paying for a name. 

Can You Get a Good Job with an Online Degree?

Over the last few years the number of people who are getting their degree online has increased dramatically. Most are doing it in order to improve their employment prospects. The problem is that in a lot of people’s eyes online degrees are not particularly reputable. So the question does have to be asked, is it worth getting an online degree and can it get you a good job?

The truth is it is hard to answer the question of whether or not you can get a good job with an online degree because there are so many factors at play, there are of course plenty of jobs that you can get that require no degree at all. Assuming however that you are studying in the hopes of getting a job that does require a degree there are a few factors that will go into determining how useful studying online will be.

The biggest thing if you want to get a job with your online degree is the school that you got it from. There are some schools that have really bad reputations and others that while not necessarily highly respected are at least recognized as being decent schools. Your best bet is to stick to state universities for your degree. Most of the issues with online degrees revolve around the private for profit schools, these are best avoided altogether as they are almost always overpriced and lead to a degree that is of questionable value.

The big advantage of a degree from a state university is not only will it be recognized as being a legitimate degree in many cases employers won’t even know that you earned it online.  You don’t want to lie about this if you are asked but in the majority of cases you will never be asked anyway.

The other big issue with online degrees is the type of job you are planning to get. In general if you are looking for a job in which a specific degree is not required and you just need to be able to check the box on the application saying that you graduated from college an online degree is usually acceptable. Rarely however will it be accepted for a job that requires specific training. For example there is little chance that you are going to become a lawyer or an engineer with an online degree.

Ultimately what can be said about online degrees and getting a job is that in some cases they can be beneficial and in others they are not. As a general rule the more education a job requires the less likely it is that you are going to be able to meet the requirements through distance learning. As always there are exceptions of course but for the most part this is the way things work. 

Online Degrees - How Much Does it Cost to Get a Degree Online?

By Helen Hecker

One of the first things that come to mind when thinking about getting an online degree is how much does it cost? You may be thinking about furthering your education to get a better job or to get a degree in a particular field, say, business, business administration, marketing, biology, nursing, education, psychology, accounting, interior design, engineering, computer science, paralegal, criminal justice, forensics or any of hundreds of others. Regardless of the field or career or job you're seeking you'll be able to find classes online that apply.

Classes in every field are offered through distance learning. And online degrees have become more and more acceptable now by employers. In a time when we're all trying to cut down on fuel costs, transportation costs and other expenses, earning an online degree is favored among many.

The cost of an online degree depends on many factors. The school you choose will have the biggest bearing. You want to check out your chosen school and make sure it's accredited. Big name colleges and universities of course are, but any school that is a small brick and mortar establishment or any school online should be checked out for accreditation through the U.S. Department of Education.

The bigger the reputation of the school for example, Harvard, Yale, Stanford etc., the more it will cost to take online courses. You can get a good education through a lesser known and or local school online and cost you significantly less and be just as readily accepted by employers.

But make sure that any classes or courses you take online or any program will be transferable to other colleges and universities in the future. This is important to check out before you sign up.

The cost of an online degree will depend on whether you're going for an associate degree, bachelor's, master's, mba, doctorate or other graduate degree.

If you're planning to take four years of online courses, it will cost you significantly less through distance learning than attending a four-year college or university on campus.

The cost of getting an online degree can be cut significantly with scholarships, grants and financial aid. It's not as commonly known that there is federal money available for online degrees. You can get financial aid fairly easy. You can apply for scholarships and grants and if you qualify will get all or part of your education free. It's well worth a try if you plan to take several or many courses. Many specialized areas of study have scholarships and grants, for example, in the field of science.

In any event you can save a lot of money getting your education by going to school online. The cost of an online degree can vary considerably and with a little research you may be surprised at how cheaply you can go to school or college online and in some cases even free.

Online Degree in the UK - Where Can I Study?

By Elizabeth Whitesmith

There are over 750 institutions that offer recognized degrees in the UK, so if you are asking yourself 'Where can I study for an online degree in the UK?' and you need a little help to narrow down your options, here are some tips and answers that may be able to help you reach a decision.

Why Study Online?

There are many benefits for studying online, and many reasons why people choose online degree courses rather than physically attending a university or college each day.

o An online degree can be studied if you need to carry on working to support a family, or need to work to help pay for your coursework.

o You can study when you choose to, fitting study hours around your family and social life.

o Travel costs, eating out and general expenses are cut out, meaning that online courses will ultimately be cheaper.

o You can spend more time learning the parts of the course you find more difficult, and spend less time on those that are easy for you.

UK Online Study Centers

The great number of universities, colleges and other institutions that offer online degrees in the UK means that depending on which course you choose to take, you are unlikely to have a problem finding one that suits your requirements.

There are many universities and colleges in the UK that have been set up specifically for students to study for an online degree. Many of these schools do not even have 'brick and mortar' buildings where students can gather to study, they are entirely internet based.

What Subjects Can I Study Online In The UK?

The subjects covered by online degree courses offered in the UK are some of the most diverse in the world.

Whether you want a Pharma Degree, Psychology Degree, Engineering Degree or a Waste Water Treatment Degree, they are available online all over the UK.
The Open University and Other Options

The Open University was the first of many institutions in the UK dedicated solely to studies undertaken at home. Started in 1969 many years before the internet, the original means of learning from a distance was through TV and radio programs.

Although controversial at the time, the Open University is now one of the largest online and distance learning institutes in the world, with lectures and information available through the internet, DVD and podcasts.

Another option is the American Intercontinental University. This school is based in the US, but offers a campus in London and a catalog specific to London students.

The University of Liverpool is also a viable option for study online in the UK. This program only offers advanced degrees, although, so you are required to have a Bachelor's degree or the equivalent of the UK honors degree before you can be admitted.

There are numerous internet based degree courses that are available in the UK, some only covering specific topics and specializing in one area, others with a wide range of subjects from which to choose.

As you can see, when it comes to questions regarding locality, availability and diversity of available degree courses, 'where can I study for an online degree in the UK' is a question with a multitude of answers.