Online Degree in the UK - Where Can I Study?

By Elizabeth Whitesmith

There are over 750 institutions that offer recognized degrees in the UK, so if you are asking yourself 'Where can I study for an online degree in the UK?' and you need a little help to narrow down your options, here are some tips and answers that may be able to help you reach a decision.

Why Study Online?

There are many benefits for studying online, and many reasons why people choose online degree courses rather than physically attending a university or college each day.

o An online degree can be studied if you need to carry on working to support a family, or need to work to help pay for your coursework.

o You can study when you choose to, fitting study hours around your family and social life.

o Travel costs, eating out and general expenses are cut out, meaning that online courses will ultimately be cheaper.

o You can spend more time learning the parts of the course you find more difficult, and spend less time on those that are easy for you.

UK Online Study Centers

The great number of universities, colleges and other institutions that offer online degrees in the UK means that depending on which course you choose to take, you are unlikely to have a problem finding one that suits your requirements.

There are many universities and colleges in the UK that have been set up specifically for students to study for an online degree. Many of these schools do not even have 'brick and mortar' buildings where students can gather to study, they are entirely internet based.

What Subjects Can I Study Online In The UK?

The subjects covered by online degree courses offered in the UK are some of the most diverse in the world.

Whether you want a Pharma Degree, Psychology Degree, Engineering Degree or a Waste Water Treatment Degree, they are available online all over the UK.
The Open University and Other Options

The Open University was the first of many institutions in the UK dedicated solely to studies undertaken at home. Started in 1969 many years before the internet, the original means of learning from a distance was through TV and radio programs.

Although controversial at the time, the Open University is now one of the largest online and distance learning institutes in the world, with lectures and information available through the internet, DVD and podcasts.

Another option is the American Intercontinental University. This school is based in the US, but offers a campus in London and a catalog specific to London students.

The University of Liverpool is also a viable option for study online in the UK. This program only offers advanced degrees, although, so you are required to have a Bachelor's degree or the equivalent of the UK honors degree before you can be admitted.

There are numerous internet based degree courses that are available in the UK, some only covering specific topics and specializing in one area, others with a wide range of subjects from which to choose.

As you can see, when it comes to questions regarding locality, availability and diversity of available degree courses, 'where can I study for an online degree in the UK' is a question with a multitude of answers.


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